Accounting and Audit services

Niidupuu LCC offers accounting services to small and medium – sized companies, non-profiting organisations and self-employed persons.

We provide a full service from supporting documents to financial statements.

Fees depend on the amount of documents and work involved. Fexible final price.

Pick-up of documents also possible.

Piece of advice from Niidupuu LLC :

You feel the supporting documents and tax returns are piling up and starting to interfere with your main activity. What’s more, the tax laws are constantly changing and the Statistical Office keeps sending you remainders, both by post and over the telephone.

Turn to us and all those nerve-wrecking problems will find a solution.

  • Your accounting documents will be put in order quickly and professionally
  • You will save the accountant´s salary and social security contributions
  • You will save on office equipment and supplies
  • You will save on software

Our team:

Ülle Laid, manager/sworn auditor, phone: +372 53037309

Kristi Post, accountant, phone: +372 53427206

Our office is located at Tallinna 16, 93819 Kuressaare